Mindfulness in the Workplaces

Workplace mindfulness is the degree to which individuals are mindful in their work setting (Dane & Brummel, 2013). Being present and mindful in the workplace mean being more focused and more productive.

Mindfulness has a multitude of benefits for workplaces and businesses. Briefly, there are some mindfulness-based processes that are thought to affect employee performance and well-being. These include response flexibility, decreased rumination, empathy, affect regulations, increased self-determination and persistence, improved working memory and more accurate affective forecasting (Glomb, Duffy, Bono, & Yang, 2012). Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace also include improvements in task commitment, and enjoyment of work (Hyland et al., 2015).

On the other hand, mindfulness is accepting the events happening around us as they are without analysing, judging or reflecting upon it. Thus mindful people in the workplace will also be able to respond and act wisely instead of reacting, also will non-judgmentally approach their work and their relations with other colleagues and management.

Here are the examples of big companies have welcomed the mindfulness revolution and seen their company grow as a result; Google, General Mills the food company behind products such as Old El Paso, Häagen-Dazs and Cheerios, Intel, Aetna is a medical insurance company and one of the 100 largest firms in the U.S. by revenue, the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

What does Mindfulness do in the Workplace?

  • Facilitates more adaptive appraisals of work stressors which increase job satisfaction and motivation
  • Reduces the workplace stress
  • Improves high potential development in business
  • Enhances engagement and decrease burnout
  • Helps employees cope with organizational change
  • Helps employees to have more modest, realistic work goals, are more selfless and are less concerned with material acquisition and wealth
  • Improves productivity and creativity

Mindfulness in the Workplace Courses

  • Mindfulness for Leaderships

    2 days’ course for managers in order to cultivate mindfulness techniques to lead their own life skilfully, and this enables them to lead others with wisdom and clarity; to have self-confidence, tolerance and wisdom in accepting who other people are; to lead with courage, integrity and authenticity, to notice and acknowledge unproductive patterns, both in workplace interactions as well as within themselves; to foster mental and physical resilience, and finally to develop the skills to respond in a way that is more effective.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

    2 days’ course for employees in order to cultivate mindfulness in the workplace for reducing the stress, being more productive and regulating emotions.

  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

    6 weeks course to learn mindfulness techniques for awareness of body sensations, internal mental states, thoughts, emotions, impulses and memories. This reduces stress and anxiety and increases wellbeing (Kabat-Zinn, 2003), and as a result increases performance and job satisfaction in the workplace.

Course Fees:

The course fees vary, according to the course type, length of program and number of participants.
Please contact us in order to discuss which course is more suitable for your organization.

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