New Year

Nothing will change in the NEW YEAR unless we do not accept the events happening around us beyond our control as they are, unless we do not stop feeling sorry for ourselves and assuming the role of victim, unless we do not change our way of thinking that is no longer useful and functional for us, unless we do not decide to transform for our next version, and unless we do not start to work on it even if we decide or if we do not retry with determination and hope even if we fail.

The concept of time, which we call the new year or the next day, an hour later, in other words the future, is shaped only by what we do at the moment you are. The moment we are in is very precious. Whatever needs to be experienced or wanted to be done occurs at this moment or its seeds are planted now. It is very normal and understandable to have expectations and plans from life. We can reach these plans with small steps we take here and now. For these plans, we can start by doing something within the current mood, physical condition, and whatever available to us. A little research, reading a motivating book, listening to the stories of those who have gone the same way
before, whatever it is, start with what we can do in here and now.

All we need is a little more compassion to ourselves, and of course determination and hope, the rest is details. Restart with every new breath!