Mindfulness for Relationships Course

“Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

By practicing mindfulness, we are training our minds to be in the present moment. Worries and fears about a certain relationship can diminish and we are able to be more attentive to our loved ones. The ability to response wisely can also cultivate more empathy and understanding with our partner, in turn, fostering healthier and stronger relationships. Mindfulness can help us to explore and be more attentive when we are practicing unhealthy habits in our relationships. With a practice with frequency and discipline, we’re able to evaluate our thoughts and dysfunctional beliefs about ourselves and those around you to have more helpful habits and soften our impulsive habits. Through better self-awareness, we can also see what we require from our partners and loved ones.

What does mindfulness and Relationships Course help to transform?
  • Expressing your boundaries kindly in the relationship
  • Seeing perspectives and transforming non-functional ones
  • Accepting, Changing or Letting go
  • Accepting impermanence of relationships
  • Accepting and unconditionally loving yourself as you are
  • Compassion to yourself and your partner

Mindfulness and Relationships Course Details

Duration: 1 session each week over 6 weeks
Sessions: 2 hours each session
Type: Group Sessions
Materials: You will receive a course booklet on the first day of the course. After the first day of the course you will receive an email with audio guides, which you can download from WeTransfer (make sure to check your spam folder). 
Who might attend the course? If you have normalized suffering in your relationships instead of joy, you always feel like you are living the same as your previous relationships. If you are used to putting yourself in the victim role. If you act according to the values of others and have regrets. If you think you are not enough for yourself and your partner, you are caught between regrets of the past and concerns of the future. If you are unhappy because you cannot say “no” and choose yourself. If you want to find balance and harmony with your partner. If you intend to choose to have a more fulfilled relationship. You have had a breakup and are still having trouble accepting it. You can consider attending the Mindfulness and Relationship Course to change your perspective on relationships and yourself, and to establish a healthier attachments and relationship.


GBP 275.00