Mindful Eating Course

What is mindful eating?
Most of you might hear about “mindfulness” before. As John Kabat-Zinn stated; Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.

On the other hand, “Mindful eating is basically developing awareness of your eating experiences with all of your senses and observing your emotional and physical responses that take place before, during and after the eating experience”.

Mindful eating is not a diet; it is rather a discipline for gaining a new eating habit which enables to be aware of what and how you eat. Mindful eating also changes the way you think about food, especially the negative feelings that may be associated with eating are replaced with awareness, improved self-control, and positive emotions.

What does mindful eating help to transform?
Practicing a more mindful approach to eating can enhance the enjoyment of your meals, reduce overeating, aid good digestion, reduce anxious thoughts surrounding food, and improve your psychological relationship with food.

The vast majority of studies agree that mindful eating helps you to lose weight by changing your eating behaviours and reducing stress.

A 6-week group seminar on mindful eating among people with obesity resulted in an average weight loss of 4 kg during the seminar and the 12-week follow-up period.

Another 6-month seminar resulted in an average weight loss of 12 kg without any weight regain in the following 3 months.

Mindful eating may effectively treat common, unhealthy eating behaviors like emotional and external eating.

Mindful eating can help prevent binge eating. It can both reduce the frequency of binge and the severity of each binge.

Mindful Eating Course Details
1 session each week over 6 weeks
Sessions: 2 hours each session
Type: Group Sessions
Materials: You will receive a course booklet on the first day of the course. After the first day of the
course you will receive an email with audio guides, which you can download from WeTransfer (make sure to check your spam folder). 

Who might attend the course?
If you are consistently eating until you are overly full or feel sick, or find yourself grazing on food without really tasting it, or are not aware of which foods you are eating and of what kind of eating habit you have or rush through meals, you might consider to attend a mindful eating course in order to change your eating habit and feel healthier.


GBP 275.00