Story of Logo

You have not chosen your family, your country of birth, society or culture, or even your gender. However, these are the factors that make you who you are today and affect your choices in your life. Because the human mind receives and processes all that is taught without questioning when it is born. As a result, we live on autopilot, without knowing or noticing what we do and why we do. In order to reach our essence and make free choices, it is necessary to get out of this loop we are not aware of in order to make free choices.

The circle seen in our logo represents this loop. Part of the circle still has an open area. This area represents the hope and free will that we can still get out of the loop. Free will or free choice is a power that you can use only when you are aware of it. With mindfulness, it is possible to get into the path of awareness and liberation and to wake up from this dream that you did not choose and create your own dream.

When you become free with awareness, you will meet the real you and your essence. You will discover your uniqueness. In fact, you will only see the treasures given to you and only to you. It is this treasure that the human figure in the logo holds. This treasure shines like the sun. Because when you meet your essence, you will feel close to the sun. You will be an expansion in your heart, a feeling of warmth and serenity like the warming energy of the sun, fearless. You will observe compassion and love rise into your heart.

As Rumi, one of the oldest and ancient mindfulness practitioners, whose poems are frequently read in mindfulness trainings, said that what we live in this world is just a temporary journey, and that we come to experience, we are all connected to each other. Your feet are close to the ground like the roots of a tree, and your hands are in the sky, so while one part of us experiences this world, one side of us is connected to the infinity of the universe.